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Miss Jenny's Eyes
A Guerilla Patriarchy Note

Miss Jenny gets off work at Overlea High School in Baltimore County and is forever stranded by the 9:40 bus, as her stop is dark and the drivers do not care to stop in unlighted areas, even as crime averse passengers avoid well-lighted hubs patrolled by thugs.

By 10:40, our driver spots her most of the time, as a male coworker holds a flashlight to mark her position. Since 2014 this Baltimore County school has become the hub of suburban ghettoization as students fan out and attack the Rosedale residents on the street and in their homes and police pretend these are burglaries and thefts. This school is also a major heroin distribution center.

Miss Jenny could barely contain herself after thanking the bus driver and began to regale us with tales of high school perversion that do not fit the fanciful matriarchy model of Black America:

"The pretty little girls are acting white, generally, maybe dating a man or what have you. But the big girls come to school half naked, everything hanging out. One was expelled today, breasts out of her bikini top. They got no more shape than a woman my age, but they let it all hang out.

"Every night I have to scrub the girls room wall of their gang signs and graffiti about big girls need lovin' too.

"These girls aspire to nothing more than popping out the babies of thugs, drug dealers and gang bangers. You can believe this ya'll, and best gather 'round 'cause I ain't sayin' it twice!

"It was during school hours. My day starts cleaning up after the first lunch period. I was walking down to the janitorial closet, on the basement level, past the back of the bottom stairwell, where it is deep and dark. I hear something and turn, afraid perhaps that I was being set upon by a rat or a student and what did I see?

"I'll tell you what in the wrong-sided world I saw!

"I saw three boys standing there, their pants down around their ankles. And in front of them kneeled three big girls having they selves a lollipop contest to see who could finish theirs first—no foolin', with God as my witness—a course I hope he was lookin' the otha' way since he obviously didn't have a lightning bolt handy for they nasty persons!"

"And don't you know it's graduation time! Graduation to what—thug and ho? Well it certainly seems so!"

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