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Miss Jenny Spies
Human Hunting Notes from Harm County: A Guerilla Patriarchy Citation

The Anglo-Irish Lords of that conquered land in the 16 and 1700s were in the custom of abducting women for rape, even the daughters of other lords, even as they raped and then sold their female servants into plantation bondage for the crime of getting pregnant. Their chattel buyers in the American Plantations shared their culture, their constant use of the word bitch to describe women of servile status and also speculated in African slave flesh as well as white slaves. Many of the habits of modern black Americans, including the ubiquitous use of the words, bitch, fuck and nigger and such speech patterns as adding an 's' onto a non-pluralized word, rampant gambling and flamboyant dress have been traced by academics to the English gentry and working class, not West Africa, to which musical and oral traditions and other aspects of African American language may be traced.

Last night, at 10:45, on the #55 bus to Middle River, Miss Jenny, a school janitor, described an incident that might have come right out of the trial of Richard Angelssey and his kidnapped, enslaved and disinherited nephew, Jemmy:

"When I was coming out to the bus stop before the sun was all together down, to wait for the bus that did not care to stop—unlike this nice fellow here—there was this girl from an after school program walking along the sidewalk, face in her phone. She was a pretty little thing, I'll giver her that, fifteen-sixteen at the most.

"A dark van with the siding door on the side pulls up right next to her with two boys in the front and she does not notice. The door slides open and there is a boy there reaching out to grab her and drag her in—but he sees me and I fix him with the stare and he slammed the door shut in a panic and the van drove off, bumping into two parked cars in their haste. The stupid girl then turns to me and says, 'Did you see that, that van busting into those cars?'

"I told her, 'Little girl, you best have a care and keep your nose out that fool phone. They was snatching you up except for me being here. But for the luck of me standing here you would be getting hauled off to Lord knows where for you know what!'

"I tell you, men, the world's gone crazy and and the rapture is past due for coming. It ain't no game out here. The Devil don't play and his minions are everywhere!"

Thriving in Bad Places

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Solomon KrankJune 8, 2017 1:16 PM UTC

Have rifle, will travel!