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Don and DonDon [lifelong acquaintances]
Big Ron's Baltimore

The father, he grew up with my mother down the neighborhood there and—change this situation if can—in the 70s he was into selling pot and PCP. Then, in the 80s when the crack thing hit he somehow fell in with some people and he was making tens of thousands a week, driving round dressed as a dirty biker in a limo with a limo driver, down the little side streets and he’s got a wife beater, cut offs and work boots on with bandana. It was pretty bizarre, he finally gets knocked off and gets 20 years in prison for king pin charges and contracting a murder. Lot of people knew he was also a trigger puller, for which he was never caught.

Do his son, Don Don, he’s about my age. He picks up his father’s connections and he’s selling drugs. When he’s 15 years old, doesn’t even have a driver’s license, and he takes in a duffle bag of cash—to this dealership out in the County—and buys a BMW for 60 K—cash and they let him drive off the lot with it. That was before they out the 10 K limit on unrecorded cash payments. It takes a while for law enforcement to catch up. By the nature of the game the criminal is always at least one step ahead. Then Law enforcement catches up.

So he’s doing this, making buku money. The son wound up having a good run, making big time money. Of course, he got knocked off and got ten years in prison. He goes to prison and comes back out before the old man gets out and somehow or another he fucks up and goes back in. Then the old man gets out of prison after like two decades and comes back out and he’s got a piece of the empire. Who knows how long that will last. At this point you’re talking about an older guy. Nobody ever sells drugs and retires, they end up with a bullet in their head or in prison.

Take the son for example, I was good friends with this guy when we were little kids but he wanted me to get involved with the drug trade and I wouldn’t, because it was very clear that you’re selling your soul. What kind of life is that, ten years in the joint, out for a few years, then back inside? You have spent most of your life behind bars and what do you have to show for it? You had a BMW when you were 15. Your talking about low-IQ people with no long-term plan. I’m not saying he was stupid. He was able to run a very dangerous business. But he had no ability to look ahead. I think it was all tied into materialism, to this society. I always had enough, maybe not what I wanted, but what I needed. The whole drug dealing thing is fueled by materialism.

White in the Savage Night: A Politically Incorrect Life In Words: 2016

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