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Bring Me the Head of the Savage
Ishmael's Week in Review

The Burning Platform

Elk hunt, been here.

This be our sickness, but animals taste good...

When they get greens to taste like elk, beef, buffalo, sheep, I'm home free.

I don't believe this whole hog, but differently feel the pull, have no desire to help some people, who by their actions have fulfilled their destiny.

Plus, Ron West gave the same advice to you, remember, The new Baltimore Sage.

Ishmael, when you sent me that photo of you in front of a 20 foot high snow pack in June, and said that this was the most snow you have seen in your life, I felt it, this interglacial is cooling off. 18 years with lower temperatures as our masters scream about warming and want to push us into cubes and eat Chuck Heston's soy burger. It's a sham. The ice age is returning so let the bison and elk eat the greens. However, I have no desire to dine on hoodrat and expect to head for the hills someday.

You may scoff at my thoughts, the real answers are out their in the ether, some people's homing device is just stronger.

The shaman came first, then laymen run the show into the ground, corruption, greed, hard to stay away from it now days, no place left to hide. There can be no religion without sacrifice, ask Sitting Bull, Odin, Jesus, Noah, Gilgamesh the king, who lost Enkidu, great stories out there in the ether.

Bring me the head of the savage, the real bogeyman is us, civilization of wants, not needs, but you know this, can't be changed, but fun too watch!

Who were these people? They seem to have traveled far.?

Graham Hancock and his followers are on to something, sweet meteor of death!

They are trying to say blacks were the first, megalith builders, I think it was the start of a religion of who knows what race? Travelers from afar.

I told you that it was Big-Headed Yakub that built the pyramids—and skipped town with the mothership when his Neanderthal experiments rose up and became White Devils!

I have always believed in the diffusion theory.

Mighty Whitey

Prohibitionism Advances in Utah - LewRockwell

My fellow assholes, but assholes none the less!

Most of the drinking still goes on with blue collar Mormons, the ones that bear the brunt of sweat equity.

Got up early.

God it is beautiful here in the morning!

What a sunrise! Best shared with friends sometime, this splendid isolation.

Considering a river trip on the Bighorn, have you ever floated a big river in a dingy, we can go fast or slow, which do you prefer, can you swim?

I have used a canoe, that's it. I can swim better than most stones. Would like to be on a river out there. The Big Horn looked placid. Will be flying into Salt Lake City on Sunday, September 10.

Under the God of Things

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