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Kill ‘EM All, Let Satan Sort ‘EM Out
By Lucas McKane

I visit survivalist sites, which are usually fairly mild on the violence theme. Also there is oh so much Christian bullshit, and associated mind virology, that it is hard to find value. But I read this blog with interest:

It could have been a story out of Baltimore or Chicago, but the scene is Lomas de Zamora, Buenos Aires, Argentina, where a 28-year-old man was walking with his three year old son to buy a pizza. Two pieces of shit robbed them, and just for the fun of it one of them shot the three year old, smiling all the time. The child said “dad it hurts,” before dying in his father’s arms.

“Now people are pissed, a family has been destroyed. There will be a protest tonight, and people will speak on tv, and those 14 and 16 year old scumbags will walk because the idiotic Argentine laws protected them and the corrupt politicians who are just as bad as they are don’t want to lose any votes from criminals so they won’t change anything. And 3 year old Agustin will still be dead.

When we talk about survival and specifically armed self-defense the idea of killing is glorified as a transcendent event. Experts debate about people being able to pull the trigger or not and being able to live with taking another life. Those experts never lived in Lomas de Zamora. How I wish someone had shot those two scumbags. I’m sure the family of Agustin wishes so too. There’s no remorse in killing these beasts because they aren’t even people, they are worse than savage animals. This is why killing one of these bastards isn’t a solemn event but a celebration, a service to society. One less animal out there to murder, rape and destroy lives.”

This will be the ruling sentiment as all cities fast become Buenos Aires, or more appropriately, Buenos Muerte.

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