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Drug War Update.

“The deaths represent the largest year-over-year increase in overdose deaths ever recorded in Maryland history, state health officials said. Very few jurisdictions were immune to the spike in overdose deaths. Baltimore City had 694 deaths reported last year. Baltimore County (336) and Anne Arundel County (195) ranked second and third, respectively in relation to overdose deaths, according to the report. State health officials said almost 90 percent of the deaths were opioid-related.”

Overdose deaths surging across Maryland

State recorded 2,089 overdose deaths in 2016, report shows

New data: Md. sees largest single-year increase in overdoses

Updated: 10:57 AM EDT Jun 9, 2017

Will asteroid mining become the inspiration for space exploration in the near future? One of the reasons manned space exploration of the solar system ended so precipitously in the late 20th Century is that there was no money to be made from it. The U.S. Government wasn’t making any money off it, the political parties  weren’t getting any votes by pursuing a policy of manned space exploration of other planetary bodies and private enterprise couldn’t figure how to make it turn a profit either. The western governments of earth turned their attention to social justice issues.

The reason the interior of North America was opened and settled so quickly in the 18th and 19th Centuries was that there was money to be made by moving into the wilderness: gold, silver, copper, iron, furs, lumber, borax, cattle, horses, sheep, land, grain, tobacco, cotton and, finally, oil. Supplying the material needs of the frontiersmen who were pursuing riches also made many people fabulously wealthy. The transcontinental railroads wouldn’t have been built if there was no place on the other side of the continent anybody wanted to go to fast. Likewise mining metal rich asteroids like Psyche 16 could conceivably pay for further space exploration and colonization. Certainly the prospect of becoming fabulously wealthy through it would be a powerful motivator and would attract many investors as well as willing workers and colonists.



NASA goes after rock worth quadrillions


The sun will shine on thy exposed tits. Maryland! My Maryland!


Good news for a change.


Ocean City Beach patrol stops scolding women who sunbathe topless

Tourist town waiting for legal opinion from Maryland attorney general

Thriving in Bad Places

When You're Food: Raw:

A Fighter’s View of Predatory Aggression: The Forever Autumn Press Edition

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