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Dindu Bullshit
Big Ron, On Watching the Soul of Baltimore Burn


Thursday [6/8/17] after our session, I picked my daughter up from work downtown.

On the way home, about 11:15 pm there was an open air dog fight at 32nd and Hillen in the back yard. I could see clear from the red light on Hillen at least 20 dindus screaming while two pits were tearing into each other. I hope these guys were not out to late with having to work the next day and everything.

Friday [6/9/17] my dad and I went for lunch at about 1 p.m. to the Ihop at Loch Raven and Taylor. First this place is a dindu circus, no visible management, food, napkins and silverware laying everywhere on the floor. Our waitress, who was a middle aged dindu woman, was high as a kite, nodding out. My dad noticed right away and said, "I hope she don't drop her needle in our food."

The place was loaded with screaming dindus. We didn't have time to go somewhere else, so we stuck it out. Food and drinks took forever to get. She fucked our order up, dropped our toast and butter, no ice in ice tea, kept saying, "My man," when talking to us and then said we have to pay her and not at register. She had no change, then ushered us out the emergency door in the back so she could keep the money! Me and dad laughed about the great times we live in.

-Big Ron

Ron, last night, at 10.00 p.m., I caught the bus a block from there with two skinny black kids who work in the kitchen. They were terrified about transferring to their next bus, the #15, but noted, after checking their smart phone that Lyft would charge them $16.50 to get home and they didn't have it. Just thought our readers might want to know that your Ihop experience was had in the suburban refugee zone, not in the much more insane city.

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Sam J.June 10, 2017 8:27 PM UTC

"...I caught the bus a block from there with two skinny black kids who work in the kitchen. They were terrified about transferring to their next bus, the #15..."

People shouldn't have to live like this. People are getting fed up with this state of affairs.

"...Michigan gun owners to carry a concealed handgun without a permit was approved in the state House of Representatives on Wednesday..."

That's what's needed. Every time the robbers stick someone up it could be their last. It would rapidly straighten this mess out. The other way is like what New York State had at one time. If you committed any crime with a gun, instant death penalty. No matter what. There was almost no crime because the criminals would then have to fight it out on more even footing as every barkeep would have a baseball bat.
JabEmDwnJune 10, 2017 7:37 PM UTC

What happens on the 15?
DLJune 10, 2017 5:12 PM UTC

Another all-dindu establishment is the Papa John's on Joppa near Loch Raven. Avoid it like the effin plague, bc if you're white, good luck getting served in any reasonable time frame.