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‘Jesus, Mary and Joseph’
The Most-Hated Woman in America

This Net Flix movie is a tragic-comic dramatization of the career Madeline Murray O’Hare, a soulless slut from Baltimore, Maryland, who became an SJW pioneer, riding on the coattails of the Civil Rights movement in a quest to remove morality in its religious form from public life. The movie bounces back and forth between her kidnapping at age 77 and her genesis as a scam artist who actually teamed up with at least one Christian evangelist [played by Peter Fonda] to fleece Christians and atheists alike. This savage bitch is well-played by the actress caste in the role as an infinitely emasculating single mother. In many ways Madeline reminded me of my catholic Baltimore grandmother Mary, whose favorite curse was ‘Jesus, Mary and Joseph.’ The movie is a balanced study of American-style, Christian-dependent atheism, which borrows its suite of social justice arguments from a mean-spirited deconstruction of Christian ethics.

The Most-Hated Woman in America is a neutral treatment of the atomization of secular America, including a sympathetic portrait of all of the many, squabbling personalities that orbited the dark hole which resided in that place where there might have been a soul. I had no idea that this famous bitch was a native Baltimorean and am not surprised.

A Bright Shining Lie at Dusk

A Partial Exhumation of the American Dream

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