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Mr. White shows Mr. Orange
A Video Appenix to Juxtaposed

Bob commented on Juxtaposed, Jun-11-2017

5:15 AM UTC

Mr. White shows Mr. Orange why weak & slow isn't necessarily worse than powerful and fast:

Thanks for this, Bob.

White's discussion of how boxers may train themselves "to be read" is quite good, despite the general inability of his students to understand it. A fellow named Poet once told me that this was what he called the "Feint Train" that being able to "possum up" as a readable fighter was the ultimate goal in drawing an attack that the thrower thinks is a counter or a cut-off punch, but which is actually setting him up for the same. This touches also on Benny Leonard's complaint that the toughest fighters to beat were the stupid ones, who did not have the sense to read their opponent. I can tell you, that in a machete duel, that the stupid opponent who is not able to read you or who does not care to read you, is to be feared, as he is likely to pressure you until he achieves a mutual cleave, which is not the outcome you want.

This was between shoots in a movie where White's character beats up the guys in Orange in a men's room. I forget the title of this movie, but did see it some years back and found it to be less bad than many martial arts flicks. White is self-trained, as far as I know and should probably be the King of whatever breakaway New African Republic comes out of the future break up of these United States.

The Punishing Art

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Sam J.June 16, 2017 3:21 AM UTC

Thanks Bob. I like that Kelly McCann, relaxed, defense pose and the ax hand blow looks good. Not that I will ever use any of this, hopefully, and if I do I would probably screw it up never know. Knowing a few things may save my ass some day. Can't hurt as long as by knowing a few things I don't fool myself into thinking I actually know something.
BobJune 14, 2017 4:25 AM UTC

One more for Sam. Helpfully, someonehas compiled a few articles on the ax hand blow. Simple to train and effective (and very fast, as it comes from the elbow). I don't agree with the idea that bashing your hand repeatedly is a great conditioning technique (though it does desensitized it). Long term I believe there's a risk of blood vessel and soft tissue damage and maybe arthritis. Rubber bands to exercise the extensors and squeeze balls, the flexors, are sufficient to build hand muscle. I use a pair of 5cm stainless bearings (purchased from Ebay) as Boading balls to increase dexterity and strengthen tendons. Also, I do the ax hand with the thumb sticking out (see Fig. 1) to tighten the hand (different strokes different folks). Easier to train than punching. Hurts like hell, try it out on you own leg!
BobJune 13, 2017 11:41 PM UTC

Kelly McCann shows this @ 02:20
BobJune 13, 2017 11:22 PM UTC

Thinking about the non-telegraphed pre-emptive blow, it would seem to me that the face-mash, even if done with minimal force, can be devastating. And most importantly, it is fast. (H/T to Mr. LaFond for posting the video).
BobJune 13, 2017 11:03 PM UTC

Here's Cestari again, opening up the confrontation with a non-telegraphed shoulder stop to unbalance the opponent (and momentarily stop a stab, punch, slash from that side), followed in short order by a variety of blows which continue till the opponent is disabled.
BobJune 13, 2017 11:00 PM UTC

@ Sam J.:

You can see this non-telegraphed opening at the beginning of this clip. First, the body is allowed to forward, then the hand moves up to catch the target with the full weight off the unbalanced body. Note that there is no backward motion or loading up of the arm to alert the target. Cestari and the WWII combatives practitioners put much stead in getting the first, pre-emptive blow in, and following it with a barrage so as the opponent is defending (ie. losing) from the get go.
Sam J.June 12, 2017 10:44 PM UTC

I already commented on this but James do you think this works with the average Joe on the street? If so this is probably some of the best advice ever. An older slower guy, if he doesn't signal his intentions, could get a good lick in that would be in the sweet spot. I'm going to watch this and that excellent series you posted not too long ago a lot.
Sam J.June 12, 2017 2:06 PM UTC

That's some super significant info there.