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Planting People
Killing the Nucleus of the Human Disease

“…While the mistress sleeps like an ivory toothpick…”

-Rita Dove, The House Slave

To consider the animus that state-level societies hold for the family, the fact that communist, democratic, republican and capitalist forms of government seek out and destroy the family in its very home and also turn the children against the parent whenever possible, is not, as proven by the biblical interpretations of Genesis, a modern perspective, and ancient and oft reinterpreted that has come down to postmodern times from man’s earliest civilizations in the Middle East. The very core and root of modernity, from the public school ideals of the 1850s to our “Global Village” ethos implanted via modern media in the 1990s, is not only based upon but focused on the dissolution of the family.

The family, specifically the single household extended family, is the basis for tribal, pre-modern society, the basis even for premodern monarchial government structures. This key assault on the family I favor of extra-ethnic, international financial concerns was launched in 1215, with the Magna Carta, as a document subverting “God” to Elite Man as a supernatural witness to Elite Man’s mastery over Man. In subsequent reaffirmations of the Magna Carta—meaning almost immediately—further subverted the family, by making even its elite expressions subject to extra-tribal, extra-national finance, placing economic abstraction in the seat of God, with the state serving as the priesthood and ancient notions of divinity relegated to witness status.

It is no accident that the most thorough destruction of the nations of extended family have lead to the eventual assault on the vehicle of this extended family tradition, placing the nuclear family the usurping agent of tribal, ethnic negation, as the final victim, like the assassin being killed by his handlers, has occurred in the United States of America. For Anglo-America, was and is, foremost among human institutions, the product of the domesticating impulse, the “slave-making instinct” postulated by Darwin, the drive to annihilate the human spirit, its resident human being and its nurturing human family and its collective expression, the tribe, in favor of a morally and emotionally shackled herd.

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