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Porn in the Library
Interview with a Librarian
“Sir you are engaged in an activity that is not permitted in the library. If you continue to do this, you will be banned.”
“Sir, I told you you had to wear an adult diaper, that you are not permitted to urinate or defecate out the chair.”
That is just two examples of what I have to deal with in the library. That’s what I spend my time on at this branch, walking round with the police and officer and telling people to leave and not continue with their disgusting behavior or else they will be banned. I don’t know how the police deal with the stuff that comes out of people’s moths all the time. Being humane to mentally ill people is very stressful.
We have bus loads of homeless people living in our bushes, defecating and urinating all over the place. We don’t let them bring their infested bedding into the branch, but they still have roaches and other critters crawling on them from sleeping in the woods. These people drink constantly and the trash can at the entrance to the branch is forever overflowing with beer cans. The worst offender is the Trench Coat Guy. At all times of year—even in this hot summer—this guy wears multiple layered trench coats which he sells. He peels him right off his back and sells to people.
We had two drunks trying to drag another drunk out of the bathroom. When the police office stops them they claim he’s having a diabetic attack. The ambulance comes and they declare him to be drunk, so they call a cop cruiser and cart him off to jail. The worst thing I deal with, other than wiping feces off the wall, is the porn. It is not against the law for them to watch porn online at the library, on the branch computers! This necessitates me keeping an eye on them, making them move away from children and making certain that they are not masturbating.
It is such a sick world and there are no longer any behavioral norms in society.
Thriving in Bad Places
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BobJune 17, 2017 11:16 PM UTC

Weimar Era levels of dissoluteness. History tells us where that ends.