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‘Do I Feel Vulnerable?’
The Take Away from The Congressional Baseball Field Shooting

Magic, empowering sorcery, seems to attend every act of terroristic violence in these increasingly disunited states. After the FBI stepped aside to permit Islamic terrorists to take down the Twin Towers of Manhattan, the greatest crackdown on American liberty followed, further empowering the power structure which had been attacked. Now, with the attempt by one radical Midwesterner to wipe out a group of congressional members and staff out practicing for a baseball game between Democrats and Republicans, has already brought calls from media on the networks I viewed: Fox, MSMBC, CNN and CBS, for all elected officials to have security staff, certainly a reasonable concern since the increased violence in American domestic politics. As one congressmen said, “As many as 20 members of congress would be dead today” if not for the presence of a security detail assigned to the Congressional Whip.

It is interesting that the very same media people who are now pushing for congressional security, have been, over the past year, active in inciting and covering up political street violence conducted by Antifa and BLM against Trump supporters.

This event will be used to add another layer of governments security. This will be a bipartisan initiative.

There will also be a renewed push to outlaw military-style shoulder arms.

The left wing gun nut that conducted this attack has done well for his side, doing his part to increase police state growth.

Thriving in Bad Places

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Ruben ChandlerJune 22, 2017 9:02 PM UTC

Politically speaking, it's too bad he failed in his attempt