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Harm City on Steroids
Stacking Up Bodies in Baltimore

Murderbowl Update.

Harm City continues to increase its lead as the racers approach the halfway mark.

Baltimore Nearing 160 Homicides Less Than Halfway Through 2017

Race War Update.

“The white working class in 70 percent black Baltimore has no community to support them, nor advocacy group to promote their interests.”

– Paul Kersey, SBPDL

“And this is why identity politics are the new normal in America. There is no returning from this, because demographics is destiny.” – Vox Day, January 05, 2017

Remember Robert Ponsi? He was a server at James Joyce Pub in Baltimore. He was fatally stabbed by a group of black males in January of 2016. One of the black males who participated in the execution of Ponsi was the son a community activist.

Remember Kimberly Leto? She was a bartender at O'Donnell's Pub in Baltimore. She was murdered by two black males in 2014. One of the black males who murdered her was the son of a police dispatcher.

Kimberly Leto in 2014, Robert Ponsi in 2016 and now Sebastian Dvorak in 2017. Three white working-class residents of Baltimore murdered by blacks in 70 percent black Baltimore

Family pleads for help after bartender fatally shot in head

Sebastian Dvorak shot early Tuesday in Canton

The story of a particular carjacking in Harm City perpetrated by one of the city’s oppressed youth as transmitted by Chateau Heartiste. Enjoy!

The Inevitable War

Anti-violence initiatives? We don’t got no anti-violence initiatives. We don’t need no stinking anti-violence initiatives!

“An assistant city health commissioner who oversees anti-violence initiatives was assaulted Friday in downtown Baltimore on his way back to work after having a sandwich for lunch.”

“Greg Sileo, who is recovering from multiple facial fractures, swelling and bruising, said he does not remember the attack, but according to police, he was assaulted at 1 p.m. by a group of juveniles at Baltimore and Commerce streets. The teens took his two cellphones and his wallet, Sileo said. "I think we need to look into what is causing people to engage in this kind of behavior," Sileo, 33, said Saturday after being discharged from the Maryland Shock Trauma Center. "A couple of young guys stealing my cellphones and ending up in jail doesn't seem to be worth it."

“Irony: a state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects and is often amusing as a result.”

Of course Leftists at every level of government in our country have succeeded in creating and maintaining a paradigm in which they can only be judged by their ‘good intentions’ rather the results they achieve, or fail to achieve as the case may be. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care, right? Right! Obviously the Leftists who run Harm City are not judged by their constituency for their ability to ensure public safety, otherwise they would presumably have been voted out of office long ago and the city would not be in the state it is in now. So the Leftists in charge pursue the same sort of soft-on-crime ‘restorative justice’ policies to try to alleviate the endemic crime and violence in the city over and over again and as a result the violent crime in Baltimore continues to escalate and expand.

James, maybe Baltimore city government ought to appoint the ‘Violence Guy’ to administer its anti-violence initiatives, eh? Perhaps at this stage of the disease a homeopathic regimen of treatment is called for: applying violence to relieve the violence. At least it would be great fun to watch the public access video coverage of city council meetings when you disclosed how your ‘violence initiatives’ would be conducted.

Jeremy, we need to bring back the B-52 and conduct carpet bombing of B'more. This has already gotten worse than I thought it would.

Health Department official who oversees anti-violence initiatives assaulted

An assistant city health commissioner who oversees anti-violence initiatives was assaulted Friday in downtown Baltimore.

When You're Food: Raw:

A Fighter’s View of Predatory Aggression: The Forever Autumn Press Edition

Mosby announces summer series of Friday night anti-violence events for youths

Baltimore seeks answers after another violent weekend

Justin Fenton / Baltimore Sun

A box cutter attack by a salt and pepper team.

Man stabbed during attempted robbery in Baltimore

After burst of killings amid sustained violence, Baltimore police officers put on 12-hour shifts effective immediately.

An hour after the order four bodies were dropped in West Baltimore.

Waking Up in Indian Country: Harm City: 2015

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ShepJune 16, 2017 4:09 PM UTC

James, the carjacking story—"The Inevitable War"—deserves the LaFond treatment. Tactics, mindset, Harm City Dinduology, the whole nine yards. If you've got the time and inclination, I'd love to hear your analysis.

I tried to reference in the CH comments section, but I got ate up in "moderation", which is a very common occurrence on that otherwise-excellent site.