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Not Surprised
By William Rapier

I was not surprised to read that “ “Despite there being many illegal migrants and failed asylum seekers from North Africa and the Middle East, last year the Berlin government has overwhelmingly deported only migrants from the Balkan states”:

For, after all, the future of Germany is to become part of the Islamic caliphate, aided and abetted by Merkel.

I was not surprised to read that old mother Merkel was in Mexico, saying that walls are bad, bad, bad, because, presumably, borders should not exist:

She did not condemn Israel’s wall, which is working fine:

After all, the future of the United States is to be, the Disunited States of Greater Mexico.

I was not surprised to read that sex attacks at Swedish festivals have risen 1,000 percent in 2016:

After all, this has nothing to do with mass migration.

I am not surprised at anything, any more, except, maybe this five testicle article:

Oh shit, do I leave internal punctuation after the URLs within text, not just after the cum at the money shot? When I cut ‘n’ pasted with the annoying fuckin’ “.” to Goooooooooogle, it went through like a dose of Epsom salts. Maybe only god knows.

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