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A Letter from Ishmael
Open letter to J, and other young men

James, has very good advice, 'A Young Man Starting Out?' listen well, escucha bien.

I heard these words in my youth: learn a trade, become self sufficient as possible, read and think for yourself, open your mind. The state is not your friend, take little from them, the price you will pay down the road is too high.

Watch, Wait , Observe. Know when to strike, when to back off. I was raised on the fringes of modern life, my grandmother cooked on a wood stove, baked bread, so did my mother. Early in my life, milk came from a cow, not the store. My aunt made her own butter, my cousins still have her butter press. We bottled vegetables, and fruits, fish cured and pickled, bottled them also, 100 pints minimum each year. The fish were my favorite. We raised our own beef, sheep, pigs, ate venison, elk.

Rewired my old house, made all of the improvements on my 100 plus year old home, with help of friends and alone sometimes, poured foundation and floor for shop, taught myself gunsmithing and reloading, simply by reading and practice, learned a trade, machinist, paid for by myself.

Parents in my neighborhood had not the funds for this, military option for education, many of my classmates chose this route. Learned most of my skills from participating and working.

Raising a family is very brave, and dangerous in this new age, I wanted a family, liked my time being single too, hard choice to make, from the young women I've seen lately. Stay away from material girls. Spoiled rotten women are expensive, I was fortunate, some of my friends not so much. Make your own luck, hope for providence.

Easy Fork Fire

Snowed yesterday, 80 degrees today, sitting outside in my chair drinking a beer.

On Calling I the Cop Bomb

James, you live in my version of hell, sending whisky money, pass it around, no wonder people chose to get stoned out of their minds!

They cut this article out of the burning platform? The elk hunt was

under impetuous.

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