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More rat ratification….
-SS Sam
Sam, this article represents horror story that would destroy a local chain or individual grocer. As the anchor business in a strip mall a grocer has more lease stipulations than the guy selling hats and hair jell next door. 25 years ago my six-job odyssey began when I was bumped by senior employees down to part time because a realtor shut down an older location based on the fact that the company we worked for set up a newer store within a mile. This points up one advantage an independent grocer, who buys property has, not having to deal with rent-seeking savages. Dealing with the city health department and other issues, like having to provide 50 sets of blue prints for an additional stockroom when the city only employees 2 engineers for inspecting new construction, is just one example. Each one of these blue prints cost hundreds of dollars [now probably thousands] and set back construction two months in 1990.
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