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'Already in Mexico'
Alice Gets Invaded by Three Hoodrats

Alice lives in the white bedroom community of Edgemere, in the new box mansions, on the waterfront, miles from any extended bus line, on a peninsula, in the safest place to move in eastern Baltimore County.

Alice works for the Baltimore City Police department and her name has been changed.

She lives with her husband and adult daughter.

The night before last night, they woke like the three bears of fable and found their money, her purse, and all three of their vehicles, including a 50K truck, that was recently paid off, gone.

Word went out that a law officer had been robbed, so law enforcement went into its only effective mode—protecting its own—and quickly recovered Alice's vehicle, which was totaled in a high speed chase and captured the baby hoodrat pilot, who, "sang like a canary" resulting in the arrest of his two accomplices. None of the three implicated their adult handler and the police are of the opinion that the big SUV is "already in Mexico being chopped up."

The police are of the opinion that none of the three younger teenagers will do any time, conviction or not.

I did not solicit this story, a supermarket cashier from Baltimore County called me ten minutes ago and told me this had just happened to her customer and neighbor and called me as soon as she took her break.

This story bears heavily on the article I was editing when she called, which is my opinion of a former U.S. Marine's victimization by a mere hoodrat, found here Head On A Swivel.

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