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'Some Big Black Guy is Knocking on My Door!'
'There are two men in a maroon pickup. I am expecting no one. What should I do?'

Such was the text I received from my slave girl earlier this week.

I called her back right away and told her not to answer the door.

It was in the afternoon on a weekday. Since the man was not a youth, but an actual "full bloat bull," and he was pared up with another man in a pickup truck, I informed her that she was enjoying one of the positive benefits of being colonized by inner city blacks. In the cash economy of Baltimore City, quickly being exported to Baltimore County to make room for more neo-gentry drones, working black men of a masculine spirit can find no place among the government economy of workfare queen pensioners, corrupt cops and poverty pimps, but rather drum up cash work door to door. there are, contrary to popular belief, many hard-working black men in Baltimore. Of course they are swamped by hordes of workfare and welfare mamas and their teeming broods.

This man was probably looking to haul junk or clean out rain gutters and down spouts, two common handyman businesses. However, a woman should never answer a door for a stranger. Only men should answer doors for strangers.

It's that simple.

If you need this explained to you, than put on a miniskirt and go stand on the corner of Baltimore and Commerce Streets as night falls over Baltimore. Someone will explain it to you.

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