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Shit, Everywhere!
By American Psycho

Multiculturalism… who cannot love the color, the vibrancy…and the delicious smells which it produces, such as the deep stab of curries…or the gut-punching thump of shit… everywhere:

Students at the University of Strathclyde have been warned not to shit and piss outside of the usual toilet facilities, and these bowel and bladder relief practices have been openly blamed on the “multicultural population.”

It’s racist! Racist! Racist! Waaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!! Students of diversity should be able to shit everywhere, especially on Leftist lecturers, fat feminists, and all types of liberal White race traitors. In particular, the practice of shitting in the pages of Leftist books, then closing the book and reshelving it, to form a multicult sandwich, is a practice that we could see more of in the world to come. Of course, I am not suggesting that anyone empty his, her, and-32-other-gendered-pronouns bowels in this way, only conjecturing at how the existing practice may devolve in the worm-filled graveyard the Dark Lords have created for our disposal.

All that shit above would never happen in our beloved land, blessed by high IQ migrants, where seven percent of the population knows that chocolate milk really comes from brown cows:

How, now brown bowel.

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