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'We Swam in the Great Serpent'
Before June 16, 2017 / Francis Marion from High Country Blog


I lived in the time of before.

In a time before we were harassed by a myriad of laws designed to protect us from ourselves. In a little rural town along the Saskatchewan, we dwelled.

When we were young we fished, we hunted and hiked.

We worked.

We were never bored.

What did it mean?

We had trap lines and forts and trails that lead nowhere.

We swam in the great serpent that stretched from the Rockies to the giant lakes in the east

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Sam J.June 18, 2017 8:49 AM UTC

When I was a kid maybe 10 or 11 we used to go down to the swamp and hunt. The cops would come by and see us with rifles and ask what we were doing and we'd say going hunting in the swamp. They would only say be careful and drive on. Can you imagine if you did that now? Major panic.