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June 18, 19 44
From The Diary Of Koyama Kiwiwojo

All naval personnel mobilized last night.

Under a hail of bullets, we had to breach enemy lines to get to the wireless station.

At 2000 hours we reached the defensive unit EQ. [0]

And waited for further orders.

June 19 44

The nnihilation [1] of our unit is imminent.

In the evening we completed the Mayeda [2] unit.


0. Unsuccessful military acronym search. Q probably stands for ‘Quarters,’ the context suggesting a headquarters.

1. Translation in the original document.

2. There was a mythic samurai named shogun Mayeda. There is also a martial arts instructor born on Saipan by the name of Mayeda. This needs an informed footnote but the editor’s attempts to search Japanese WWII military terminology have been fruitless.

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Sam J.June 18, 2017 8:50 AM UTC

"...The nnihilation [1] of our unit is imminent..."

Not good...for him.