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‘Children Throwing a Tantrum’
Self/Less a Science-Fiction Movie

“Death has some side effects,” said the self-promoting scientist to the Billionaire investor who, while dying of cancer, paid a hefty sum to have his consciousness and memory uploaded into a laboratory-grown body.

Self/Less was a fair science-fiction adventure with minimal political correctness, which even had a black bad guy among the cast of corporate villains. Of course, the body now inhabited by the deceased tycoon’s consciousness is in reality the body of a U.S. military veteran whose memories intrude on this return to youth.

For readers interested in transhumanism, genetic engineering and racial memory, this pretty straightforward and well-made movie won’t suggest new concepts, but does provide food for thought and relatively intelligent story-telling considering the degenerate age in which it was made. This is one case of moviemaking where I agree with the standard leftist slant against the moneyed elite, especially since the pasty-faced elites of this movie so well reflect our actual soulless masters.

Skulker Jones: A Tale of Dark Deviltry at the End of Caucasian Time

Skulker Jones is the sequel to A Hoodrat Halloween and an urban horror tale of a failed man looking for a final saving grace.

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Sam J.June 18, 2017 8:40 AM UTC

I like this movie. Most movies I download and watch I delete but I kept this one and have watched it more than once. It has a reasonably decent message.