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"Her Back Was Up against a Wall'
Holm finishes Correia with vicious head kick KO at UFC in Singapore

Video by CBS Sports

Holly Holm knew her back was up against a wall after losing three straight fights in the UFC.

It had been a roller coaster ride for Holm after she became an overnight sensation with a second-round knockout against Ronda Rousey in 2015, but she failed to capture that same level of success in her past few fights.

Still, Holm had faced nothing but the best fighters in the world during that stretch so she knew that with a few minor adjustments, she could get back to the top of her division.

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A third-round knockout against former title contender Bethe Correia definitely did the trick as Holm returned to form on Saturday in Singapore. It was an emotional win for Holm while also earning her second head-kick knockout in the UFC.

While Correia is typically the aggressor in her fights, she sat back on her heels a little more in the opening round while trying to avoid the counter striking from Holm.

Holm still landed the better strikes as she made an adjustment in her game plan to begin stepping forward with a series of strikes and kicks that started to find a home as the round moved forward.

It was a slow moving opening round with only nine significant strikes landed between the two fighters . The lack of activity continued into the second round, which forced referee Marc Goddard to actually pause the fight to issue warnings to both fighters for timidity.

“I respect the game plan and what you’re trying to do but you have to make something happen,” Goddard told Holm and Correia during the break.

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