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On the Cutting Edge of Societal Evolution!
Jeremy Bentham on Defending the Stars and Dykes

Civil War Update.


Gosh, how was our Army able to function before it had openly gay generals?

And to think people used to euphemistically call homosexuality "the love that dare not speak its name”. Now it’s the love that won’t shut up. LOL!


James! Once again you are on the cutting edge of societal devolution. Yes, as you say it will likely be a woman general leading the forces that first open fire on American citizens resisting the Globo-Homo agenda. It will probably even be a bitter lesbian general at that. Someone who is filled with hatred and resentment for “breeders” and everything normal and wholesome.


Also as you say James, at this stage of the game the more of a SJW converged mess that concerns itself mostly with promoting social justice issues the Globalists make of the U.S. Military the less likely it will be available to be used against us.

Gee whiz, Jeremy, if you gave me a choice of dating this bitch or going off to lose my balls in a rice patty, I'd head off to the Neverending War. But fighting for her? As Big Ron recently said in sage-like repose, "Fuck that!" Also, keep in mind that the commander of the Maryland National Guard force that rescued the BPD from the hoodrat horde in 2015 was a BT-900!



Army’s first openly gay general celebrates advances during pride observance in S. Korea



Maj. Gen. Tammy Smith, deputy general of the 8th Army, tells her story about being a gay soldier during an LGBT observance at Yongsan Garrison, South Korea, Thursday, June 15, 2017.

By KIM GAMEL | STARS AND STRIPES Published: June 15, 2017


Under the God of Things

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Jeremy BenthamJune 18, 2017 6:19 PM UTC

James, coincidently I met Maryland's BT-900 National Guard Adjutant General at a field training exercise some years back. I must say she did clean up nice then. LOL!