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Pay ‘Em Back in Spades
By Eirik Bloodaxe

Across the West there is a growing incidence of stabbing and knife crimes in jurisdictions with severe firearms restrictions. In Germany, for example, there have been over 1,600 knife-related crimes reported during the first five months of 2017, with knives, axes and machetes becoming the weapons of choice:

All of this is occurring in the context of a replacement of the existing European population:

It will only get worse, much worse.

In Australia, home invasions in Melbourne typically involve weapons such as hammers and machetes, used against victims such as pregnant women by gangs:

A no-prize for guessing the race of the attackers.

Along with this, these jurisdictions have severe limits on firearms, and many ban most classic martial arts weapons. Yes, the weapons that were once tools, used by the Okinawans after the Japanese banned them having weapons, are now all banned! Jail for having nunchaku, something that usually does more damage to the wielder than the target. Did you hit yourself in the head the first time you tried to be Bruce Lee?

Shit, this impressed me back in the 1970s, but looking at it again, I just laughed.

Even so, classical melee weapons are getting expensive, even the beloved fighting ax, as can be verified from Ebay. This imposes severe limits on what can be had for self-defense purposes.

Walking sticks, sneakily designed for fighting, can still be carried, and if necessary, a doctor’s certificate can be readily acquired. My back and knee are so fuckin’ bad, doc.

For home defense, one is forced back to the modern Okinawan stance of going to the local hardware shop for goodies. Axes are obvious, and cheap too. Flat-bladed spades make poor man’s battle ax and were used in preference to bayonets in the trenches of World War I. I spoke to World War I vets in the 1960s, who had chopped Turk’s heads with spades sharpened on the edges, so they must be good:

Mattock handles make great lightweight clubs, better than baseball bats, which today in their wooden manifestations have a nasty tendency to shatter, even on the field, let alone over thick skulls:;

This may be due to the modern trend of using maple over ash, and the use of lighter bats with thinner handles. Sure, you can get an aluminium or steel bat (bending problem), or a sexy synthetic one from Cold Steel:;

I, however got some synthetic mattock handles, which will do just fine, with a cost of under $20 each, and some beer to go. If you want to reinforce the mattock handle, just tightly wind cheap Chinese PVC tape over the surface, roll after roll, to beef it up. Hulk, smash!

Shields can be easily made from marine ply and handles for sheds, not to fit on one’s arm, but rather to function like Viking shields in the hand-held punch fashion; the following is a great article on Viking shields: Even without a boss they are easy to replicate.

In summary, it is no fun being reduced to meat for the predators of Harm City International, but necessity is the mother fucker of invention:

Where there is a tool, there is a way.

Trumpapocalypse Now: The Advent of an American Usurper at the fall of Western Civilization

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BobJune 19, 2017 1:56 AM UTC

Note here that the author incorrectly labels the SPLC as a "white" not Jewish organization and applauds their anti-racism, condemning only Islamic fundamentalists. Note also that the article is written by a non-Jewish front-man, so as to mask the group's political agenda, ie. implementation of the Yinon Plan on white taxpayers' purse with an Israeli-friendly ISIS as bogeyman.
Sam J.June 19, 2017 12:15 AM UTC

I'll tell you what will whack the living shit out of someone. A good sized copper service cable. Say 5/8" to 3/4" maybe 2' or 2-1/2 long'. I'm not exactly sure what it is about it but it whacks stuff hard. Get a piece and see. Find what copper goes for and find an electrician that will get you a small piece and you could pay him a little more than the copper price and it wouldn't be too much. There' ALWAYS a few small pieces of service cable or feeder left on a job because you damn sure don't want it to be too short so you always get a few feet more to pull in the building. I believe that it's sort of like a whip but harder and with more mass. I really believe it concentrates more force than a stiff stick or rod. Just like a whip is wimpy on the end but can tear your ass up. Try it you'll be impressed. It will have a thick plastic coating.
BobJune 18, 2017 10:48 PM UTC

P.S.:Great article on improvised self-defense tools. Thanks.
BobJune 18, 2017 10:38 PM UTC

I'd be wary of relying too heavily on the Gatestone Institute, essentially a pro-Israel rather than pro-European project. Much like the (((EDL))), more Star of David than St. George Cross.

Sure, they do point out the obvious problems with Islamic immigration, but they limit criticism to the faith, not ethnicity of its practitioners (wonder why that would be?☺) Never once a mention of which lobby groups are most powerful and active in allowing and promoting mass migration in the West (eg. Barbara Lerner Spectre). Never once the idea that non-Europeans should be repatriated. Just a constant mantra of "Stand with Israel" against Radical Islam. So when the next M.E. adventure is announced, the public are primed for action. If you're angry at being gagged by the (((PTB))) from objecting to Middle Eastern/African colonization at home, you'll find war against Assad or the Ayatollahs nicely cathartic!

The greatest danger is not the Muslims with knives, but the promulgators of anti-hate legislation and their enforcers. Otherwise, people could coordinate in groups to self-defend against hostile ethnic elements. Numbers count, and the (((authorities))) are determined to subvert any spontaneous forms of white unity.
bob saffronJune 18, 2017 10:07 PM UTC

Wait till Roy brings out his bare-hands defense DVD! Works against 3 machete-wielding fanatics, and you can be drunk and untrained and still chalk up a win for Albion! Who knows, they might even set up a charity to help you with PTSD.