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Death to Comic Book Geeks?
Hell, Fuckin’ No! By Eirik Bloodaxe

In an insightful post from way back, James describes how a hard working deli hand, who liked reading comic books, was attacked from behind while walking along reading said comic book: The lad took a lot of punches but stood his ground eventually going for his knife, and survived. Does the hard-core XXXXX Darwinian survivalist nut-job, such as myself, see the geek as having poor genes and therefore deserving elimination from the gene pool?

Hell, no.

First, there is nothing wrong with comic books, provided that they are not the politically correct bullshit that flow from the standard presses. Most are far better than the philosophy produced in our universities, technical bowel movements that produce no pleasure, only misery and confusion. Many critiques of the bad comics, full of pus, not puss, have appeared at this site, and I enjoyed their nastiness. But comics are not trash and there is a lot of good stuff out there from the alternative presses.

Second, the lad, while a geek is still an “amateur athlete.” He survived the fight. He carried a weapon, and was willing to use it. He loved his knife, which is a very healthy mental trait. He fought back. That, too, is good. While he needs heaps of training, there is nothing here that a few lessons with James, and a bit less comics, and a bit more of the LaFond canon would not cure. Keep the comics, but balance things out with some heavy training, boxing and stick fighting. The man can show you how, son. If kids like this were eliminated then there will be nothing left, so he should be cut some Darwinian slack.

That was apparently in 2012; this Darwinist survivalist nut-job (at least I am not as crazy as that American Psycho guy who delights in all things sordid and scatological), wishes him well.

Decision of the Living Tribunal (, is that the comic book geek athlete should propagate his genes.

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