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White Sharia?
By Lucas McKane

A few years back I was taking my teenage kids to the public library in the city. At a spot opposite a homeless people drop-in soup center, two of the little monsters decided to have a fist fight, the 19-year old Amazon girl (who when she was only 13, had a fist fight with her mother, and knocked two of the old girl’s front teeth out), and my youngest son. She would have done the same to him, so I grabbed her, kicking and screaming like a real bitch. She calmed down after about two minutes of this attention seeking, and we continued our journey.

A little way down the road my spider sense alerted me to someone zooming in fast from behind. I moved sideways and avoided a punch which was flung from a homeless scum bag. He said: “That will teach you to manhandle a woman.” I immediately prepared to punch this grey knight into oblivion. I was angry enough to tear out his filthy heart and eat it, even if I got AIDs. And, I was about double his weight, three times his strength, and fighting trained. Then I saw the cops, two fat women cops who were getting coffee at a shop a little way down the road. I signalled them, they looked, decided that we were worthless scum, and took their coffee and some food in a bag, probably cream cakes, to their car and drove off.

The grey knight had begun to walk back to the homeless shelter. I noticed that about 10 of his mates were watching from across the road. I verbally unleashed on him, calling him and his mother every vile thing I could think off, drawing connections between all matters of animals, his mother and his genesis. He smiled and said: “You need to get a haircut,” and walked back to his scum tribe. Just like that, “get a haircut.”

Of course, I could not pursue him, being out-numbered, being no longer in a self-defense situation, possibly facing shanks and other weapons, and certainly facing filth and disease. And, I had the primal duty to look after the kids, not get into fights. So, I walked on, but in my ideal world I would have gunned him down, resurrected him, and gunned him down another 500 times, before seriously dealing with issues.

Then, the little bitch opened up at me for being aggressive to the grey scumbag. What the fuck! Was he there when she had a drug/alcohol overdose and the nurses left her in the ward bed to choke on her own tongue and vomit? No, I was on alert throughout the long night, getting so stressed that in the morning I got a tooth abscess and had to have the tooth pulled on Christmas day, which cost three times the amount, money I had to borrow from a training partner at the gym. There is no family loyalty. I expect that if there had been no cops and I had dropped this guy with one punch, she would, if necessary, have testified against me. White pathology rules.

And don’t get me started on my fuckin’ ex-wife. Like many men who have been broken by the Big Sister system, I have thousands of tales of woe to tell, right up to financial run of my business through divorce. I can understand, and sympathize fully with the younger generation of men from the Nationalist branch of the Alt Right, who are saying “fuck all of this,” and advocating what they satirically call, “white sharia.” See, for example:

Already, there have been critics of this from the Alt Right, claiming that those thinking along such lines are “subsuming themselves into the racial “other’”: Now come on, lighten up! These critics ignore the sense of outrageous parody, word play and pissed-off, over-the-top memeism used by the new generation of critics. The Left are happy to have the Islamization of the West – well, Islamize this! Take this, you bunch of fuckin’ pricks and suck on it! You want diversity – diversify this! Here is a new generation that does not seem to have the hangovers of the Christian guilt complex, which we old bastards so often have.

As I understand it, the young lads with the bold new memes are no longer willing to play the game of gentleman, like we the decaying were taught to do, and looking back on my failed and broken life, I cannot blame them.

As one of We the Decaying, I salute you, Lucas. JL

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Sam J.June 20, 2017 4:11 AM UTC

White Alt-Right Women are really pissed about this white-sharia business. I can understand that but mostly their proscription is for Men to "Man up" to fight this but if you do the Women attack you and I don't see much hope in Women "Womening up" and doing things that Men would like so...