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Two Minutes to Midnight
Tim Hague Cause of Death: How Did Boxer/UFC Fighter Die?

James Analysis of the First Two minutes of Tim Hague's Killing

If you are disturbed by the fact that another fighter has died in the ring, pay attention.

This is how a knucklehead boxing coach can diagnose that a fighter is suffering from some form of Neurological dysfunction by watching from ringside. Usually when a fighter is killed in the ring he has entered the fight with pre-existing and unhealed brain trauma. Tim deserve more than this brief look—but I'm dying my own death and am limited in terms of the time I can offer, so here it goes:

Neither man is a skilled boxer, so someone at this weight is getting hurt. The only question is how badly.

In the still photo in the You Tube window, Tim's eyes do not look right, like he is in a trance rather than focused. This is how someone looks when concussed. For an example see my bloody nose picture from Winter of a Fighting Life.

In the first 21 seconds Tim demonstrates poor balance, balance at toddler level, sub-athletic, and indicative of something wrong with his brain, which might just mean that he has a sinus infection and his balance is off. It's all brain dysfunction to the coach. This will cause him to be hit harder as he literal falls into punches.

29: Tim has reached out slowly a couple of times, indicating that his sense of time and measure is not functioning at the level he is accustomed to.

1:00: Tim suffers a knock down but does not go down as he sits down on his piano-leg thighs instead. Neurologically, this was a knockdown. The referee is not trained to recognize this. The corner should have stopped the fight here—I would have.

1:12: Tim steps around as if he is sleep walking. His footwork is good but his upper body and eyes seem disconnected from his motion. He continues to reach and paw, again indicating that his time and measure is wrecked and guaranteeing that even this tattooed bohunk will catch him leaning in to a punch.

1:11: Another standing knock down, in which Tim stays up through leg strength alone. His balance is worsening.

1:25: Tim is knocked down. After he stands up, making the count, he drifts back into the ropes, indicating that his legs are already failing. This is because his legs have been absorbing the punishment that his skill set is not addressing at all. He is eating every shot.

1:57: There is a third standing knock down, making this the fourth shock that Tim's brain was not able to deal with. There is a three knockdown rule in boxing for a reason. Unfortunately, his legs kept him up three times. His heart is in the fight, but his brain isn't.

2:01: Tim staggers as if electrocuted from simple lineal contact, which was either a jab or a bump. His brain is so far off that if he stood in front of a bag and punched it he would KO and possibly kill himself from the vibrations jarring his brain.

I am disgusted that Tim's coach and the examining physician let the fight occur and that neither of them or the ref seemed to know what the hell they were looking at as he was destroyed a little piece at a time.

We are 2:01 in and Tim is as good as dead.

Rest in Peace.

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