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Drug agents in San Diego seize huge load of powerful opiate

Paranoia strikes OZ.

Nation of fear: Ninety per cent of Australians say the world is becoming more dangerous and they fear terrorist attacks in new survey

Almost nine in ten Australians think the world is more dangerous than a year ago

Report by Ipsos shows 89 per cent agreed, with 35 per cent strongly agreeing '

Experts believe terrorism has heavily impacted the result, called it a 'global fear' 

In Brazil, 95 per cent of the nation's respondents agreed it was more dangerous

By Hannah Moore For Daily Mail Australia

Scottish University apologizes for telling foreigners to only poop in toilets 

Take The Poo To The Loo


The white dude says he will no longer help people in need as was his habit because after this incident he feels he can no longer trust “anybody’. Well it would appear he is at least smart enough NOT to tell the TV news what he really learned from this experience, eh?

Good Samaritan was beaten and robbed by men he was helping


Apache Junction, AZ Man speaks about being attacked by men he tried to help



June 16, 2017

When a white Arizona man encountered three black males, allegedly broken down on the side of the road, he offered them food, water, and even a place to stay.

Fames' Fantasy Vacation

Venezuela mobs kick, burn thieves in lynching epidemic

Vibrant Multiculturalism Update. Syrian refugees show their gratitude to their Canadian hosts with rocks and bricks.


See video:

EXCLUSIVE: Refugees Fight Canadians with Rocks, Bricks

Faith GoldyRebel Host Refugees Fight Canadians NEW series: Migrant violence uncovered at MORE schools across Canada (Part One: Calgary)


Avocado rustlers run amok in California. Peak demand for avocados on the world market inspires theft of the vegetable.


Read more:


Holy guacamole! Workers pilfered $300,000 worth of avocados, police say

Trumpapocalypse Now: The Advent of an American Usurper at the fall of Western Civilization

Own the collected works of John Saxon, Professor X, Eirik Blood Axe, William Rapier and other counter culture critics, on Kindle, via the link below.


Being a Bad Man in a Worse World

Fighting Smart: Boxing, Agonistics & Survival

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