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Black People and Faggots
'Maybe a Meteorite Will Hit This Shithole'

Everybody gets food stamps if they want or need them. They sell their food stamps and then go to the soup kitchen, like Our Daily Bread. The churches all have days when they provide meals, so you eat for free and get high.

The only time you will hear pride mentioned is in association with black people and faggots. And it’s evaporating from black people.

There’s a white couple that live in a doorway on Gay Street. They take two crutches and they tie a tarp to it in the doorway and make a tent. I’ve seen them most nights there. They bring the needle wagon down there on Gay Street for the needle exchange program—if we’re lucky maybe a meteorite will hit this shithole.

Speaking of one degenerate I worked with, this guy was a short fat guy, like an adult Leave it to Beaver; his face looked just like Leave it to Beaver. I couldn’t look at him with a straight face. He would go down to the block and different places and pick up these hookers and show us these nasty pictures of him and these hookers, and nobody wanted to see either one of them.

Well it came time to pay the piper. These fuckin’ bitches got him addicted to drugs, got him on crack and heroin, wound up losing his wife, losing his job, living in one of these halfway houses. The company I was working for, the owner felt sorry for him and brought him back and he’s doing better. You’re talking about a middle-aged guy that never did drugs, and pussy got him addicted to drugs. That’s the power of pussy. They ruined that guy’s life. Never let these meatheads let you think that women are as helpless as they say.

On Bitches

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