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How the Media and Law Enforcement Lie About Violent Crime

“Juking the numbers,” by such means as reporting a home invasion as a burglary, a handgun robbery as simple assault, etc, has long been a mainstay in Baltimore. Home invasions have been reported as “destruction of property,” for three years now. Below is some recent evidence from a Sun Paper article of 6/21/17, Crime Initiative Bypasses Baltimore. From page 10:

“There have been 161 homicides in Baltimore this year, up 29 percent from the same point last year. Crime was up 7 percent through June 10. Violent crime was up 16 percent.”

This information comes via Justin Fenton, probably the only Sun reporter with integrity

Without discussing any of my voluminous evidence from firsthand experience and eyewitness accounts by myself and others, indicating that violent crime is at least doubling every year since 2015 and that police involvement and willingness to report and investigate is decreasing at similar rates, even the highly massaged and juked numbers of the media establishment indicate their own misreporting.

The only absolute reporting value is murder, as murders produce a body and virtually all such bodies are left for the police to clean up. I estimate that only 1% of Baltimore killings are conducted according to protocols for disposing of bodies and only half of these succeed in keeping death a secret.

If murders are up 29%, how is crime in general only up 7%, while shoplifting is up 100% [according to retail food sources]?

If murders, the least common violent act, are up 29%, how come violent crime in general is only up 16%?

The plain truth is that the ability to lie about rape, robbery, mob beatings, home invasions and assaults cannot keep pace with the actuality. The goal of media and law enforcement is to convince us that only murders are up and that the killings must be addressed by denying individuals the means to defend themselves from lesser crimes. There is further the fact that most murder victims are themselves violent criminals and that most victims of lesser violent crimes are nonviolent, noncriminal citizens. Therefore, instead of saving gang bangers from gang bangers, if the police and media would focus on protecting citizens from thugs while the thugs were permitted to kill one another, Baltimore would be a better place.

But protection and service are not the goal, rather they are words making up the fabric of the lie most ingeniously woven to veil us from the truth, and that truth is that we are food.

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