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How Not to Get What You Want from White Daddy

In Bethesda, Maryland, on 6/20/17 the Department of Justice announced partnership initiatives with various cities which are above normal in terms of crime and which also demonstrate a desire to change for the better in combatting crime. During his campaign for the Besmirched Throne this time last year, President Trump cited Baltimore repeatedly as an example of a city which needed such help, and now, the various poverty pimps, the beleaguered Chief of Police and the Municipal Matriarch, as well as the Trump-hating Baltimore Sun Newspaper are shocked and surprised that Big Daddy Trump is not mounting his white horse and riding to the rescue—next door mind you.

In hopes that some of these folks are reading this, let me clue you in on getting what you want from White Daddy—a lesson that any welfare mother on your staff could have told you, but upon which you neglected to act.

First, to the mayor, the past two Municipal Matriarchs were—one hot and one handsome—at least something to turn White Daddy’s head. You’re not. Learn to smile at least.

The push by black politicians in Baltimore to deface memorials to monuments erected over 100 years ago to commemorate the sacrifice Union soldiers made fighting in the war that freed the black slaves, by tearing down sculptures referencing their enemies, will not endear you to the national cause.

The fact that politically motivated, social justice minded judges in Baltimore are releasing 60% of those convicted of handgun crimes with no sentence, is not likely to convince the DOJ that Baltimore is serious about fighting violent crime.

The fact that The Baltimore Sun, which is essentially the municipal afro-centric mouthpiece, devotes at least an article a day to defaming the president does not seem likely to endear him.

Get a clue—or not.

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TomJune 23, 2017 7:29 PM UTC

Yep! Tearing down monuments to CW1 ultimately ensures CW2. That simple, more American men died in that war than any other conflict in which we have been involved. Liberalism is the ideology of Western suicide. James Burnham
ShepJune 21, 2017 3:35 PM UTC