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Well everyone has been told the world is going to come to an end soon, haven’t they? Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials alike.  So why bother saving up for your old age? Live for the moment instead. Even if the world doesn’t come to an end in our lifetimes the government will still take care of everyone, right? Right! Also if everyone else around you is in the same condition there will be no reason to feel like a failure for not preparing, right? Right!

June 20, 2017


We’re making a lot of financial mistakes -Five Facts that prove Americans are terrible at managing money

Nowadays ‘Klinger’ would have no luck at all getting a ‘section eight’ discharge for dressing like a woman. Everyone else in the Army apparently must now be trained to act like they either don’t notice or don’t see anything unusual about it.


By the way, a ‘section eight’ discharge is World War II era terminology and no longer exists . The U.S. Army long ago changed its regulations.


“The term comes from Section VIII of the World War II-era United States Army Regulation 615-360, which provided for the discharge of those deemed unfit for military service. Discharge under Section 8 is no longer practiced, as medical discharges for psychological/psychiatric reasons are now covered by a number of regulations. In the Army, such discharges are handled under the provisions of AR 635-200, Active Duty Enlisted Administrative Separations. Chapter 5, paragraph 13 governs the separation of personnel medically diagnosed with a personality disorder.” -


During my tenure in the Army we called such separations for unsuitability getting “chaptered out”. The modern volunteer Army finds it much more expedient to kick out problem children than to try to reform them. More trouble than it’s worth. People who want to be where they are and do the job are much more effective than people who must be forced to work, especially in our contemporary high-tech world . The pay, benefits and living conditions in the modern volunteer Army are much better than they were in the draft era too. Which is a potent incentive to join / reenlist, particularly in depressed economic times. So go back to working for Micky-Dee’s, go work for the Ghetto Grocer, if life here is too hard and too pointless for you.


The perennial problem the Army has is that many of the people who want to join the Army, the Army doesn’t want and many of the kind of people the Army really wants don’t want to join the Army. Now the Army has transgenders who want to join in hopes the government will pay for their gender reassignment medical treatments. Besides that, being allowed to serve in the military is official validation to the transgenders, as well as the public at large, that their condition is ‘normal’, isn’t it? The same trend is occurring in the Canadian and British militaries.


Oh well, the more the Leftists screw up the U.S. Armed Services with PC nonsense like recruiting individuals with severe personality disorders, the less likely the services will be available for the Lefties to use to oppress American citizens.


Amid uncertainty about transgender policy, Army continues rolling out training to soldiers


Apocalypse/ Civil War Updates.


First Puerto Rico, now Illinois. The financial dominos are starting to fall. The Powerball and Mega Millions lotteries are threatening to pull out of Illinois by the end of June as the state’s government is so insolvent it can now longer pay lottery jackpots over 25K. Illinois must borrow money each year to pay its current public service pensions (all those patronage jobs have come with a heavy price), so the state goes ever deeper in the hole with each passing year. All future state pensions are essentially unfunded and may never be paid at this point. Illinois wants to file for bankruptcy protection to have its massive debt restructured and/ or discharged. However there is no legal mechanism for a state government (or a territorial government like PR for that matter) to file for bankruptcy. Congress would have to enact a new law allowing it for such a thing to happen. There will no doubt be calls for the Federal government to bail out Democrat run insolvent states/territories like IL and PR (and soon CA). Any such bail out will be at the expanse of the solvent (Republican run) states. They are unlikely to go for that. Of course the Democrats have control of the media megaphone so they could conceivably shout-down and brow-beat the Republicans in Congress into giving in and supporting a bailout. As they have succeeded in bullying the Congressional Republican reps into submission over similar issues in the past. Having a few wild-eyed activists harangue Republican officials’ family members in public works wonders at building bipartisan agreement as well (Just give them what they want so they’ll leave us alone!)


So what’s going to happen going forward? The only solution the Democrats in the Illinois legislature can come up with is to raise taxes on everybody and everything (can’t cut spending, nosiree!). The surrounding states are probably going to have a lot of Illinois refugees on their hands. People who will eventually vote for the same spendthrift socialist nonsense that is destroying Illinois in their new state of residence. So the challenge for solvent Republican run states will be how to keep those Leftist internal refugees out.


I could see Illinois itself breaking up over this. Chicago is the millstone around the neck of the rest of Illinois dragging it down to the bottom. The only way the rest of Illinois will be able to reform itself will be if it can separate itself from Chicago politics permanently.  Forcing Chicago to become its own independent ‘city-state’ would accomplish this. Chicago is unlikely to agree to such a thing, as it needs the tax money from the rest of Illinois to run itself. Therefore such a break-up would no doubt have to be accomplished by force. At the moment such a divorce seems crazy, however the social and political  ‘Overton Window’ of what’s conceivable is shifting rapidly. As people feel more and more that they are backed into a corner and facing scarcity and impoverishment, courses of actions that once looked crazy will start to make sense.


Illinois careens into financial meltdown – and not even the lottery is safe

Stuff White People Like Update.


So after you visit one of the legal pot stores in Denver, you can go relax at the ax throwing parlor….And to think folks thought yard darts was too dangerous.  

Two ax-throwing venues swing into Denver

Canadian backyard shenanigans make their way to Colorado this summer.

Downtown Art Gallery and Axe Room offers a unique kind of fun


40,000 years from Home.


The killer chimps who DON'T need a wall to keep out intruders: Study reveals the shocking 'death patrols' warrior gang in Uganda uses to keep rivals off their turf

Ngogo chimps appear to deliberately search for enemies on edges of their land

Behaviour is dangerous, energy demanding, and takes away from mating time 

But, researchers say it pays off in long run, by protecting and increasing territory

World War Update.


Otto Warmbier, American student recently released from North Korea, has died


Mixed Species Martial Arts News.


The bear won the race.


© Rachel D'Oro/AP Photo A neighborhood in the Anchorage, Alaska, suburb of Eagle River can be seen Wednesday, June 17, 2015, from the end of a trail at Arctic Valley, nestled in the Chugach State Park.

Black bears kill 2 in Alaska, including teen in extreme race




40,000 Years from Home

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Sam J.June 22, 2017 6:59 PM UTC

Illinois like all State and local governments could get a lot of spending under control but they don't want to. What all of them do is they keep a lot of spending for stuff that's not necessary then cut that which is vital like police. Then they say we must have more taxes yet they never cut a lot of the stuff that they could. The could also lower salaries at the top they need more taxes. Eventually people will flee the State and it will fall off a cliff. A smart person would sell their house immediately and run for their lives now before it gets worse. At the least sell the house and rent as you know the value will plummet.