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'Born With a Genetic Sense of Guilt'
An Old School Right Winger on Why What Liberals Think is Bad is Good

This guy called Mike Wallace the lowest of the low, an idea that has always come to the forefront of my mind when viewing the venomous 60 Minutes TV show. Wallace's seat of evil has since been taken over by a woman.

In the U.S. tribalism is synonymous with evil and this tribalist was an apex advocate of that ethos. Many of me readers will disagree with his dual-citizenship argument, but if your tribe had a leader this fierce, you would love him.

"He isn't a person, he is a concept," is one of many favorite quotes from this interview. In any case he really has white guilt zeroed in, to which I do wonder if there is a genetic trigger in humanity set to cause a self-hating suicide impulse in any popuoation that is approaching the superceding of the natural order—approaching the feet of God too closely.

"Look how many things he saw coming 30 years ago."


"I don't think American culture has been approaching the feet of G-d. Just the opposite. When people cease to believe in G-d, they cease to believe in themselves. Then they die out."


This is really my point, that the postmodern American atheist who denies God has set his own fears and trivial concerns up as an effigy of a false god of things which is easily overtaken and diminished. We have even monetized God on our intrinsically worthless fiat currency!

Under the God of Things

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