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'All the Elected Politicians Lie Constantly'
Baruch Kogan on Political Duplicity

A New Political Party For A New Israel

The political scene in Israel is like this: all the elected politicians lie constantly, to everybody. To the public, to each other, to foreign allies, probably to their cat when they come home at night.

Everybody knows this. But they feel (wrongly) that they have to vote for...

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Ruben ChandlerJune 23, 2017 3:32 PM UTC

Politricktions are like that line in AA - constitutionally unable to tell the truth. If anyone is as old as I, you'll remember being taught in school that the US was not corrupt like all other It's all a laughable farce.........well it would be if there wasn't so much misery. It's all Robin Hood times to me now..well Prince John times maybe. I live in the mountains. Fish and Game here is insane. If a poor person bags a deer or gets caught fishing without the proper credentials, the man can take your car, your house, and you life. Like bagging a stag in Sherwood.

And the other note.....too many white libby can't really say too much out there with out getting lib bagged.
PRJune 23, 2017 1:08 PM UTC


Can you find another platform besides Medium? I had to get off of Medium when I found there were too many white liberal lunatics jamming up my inbox with their 'wokeness'.