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On Playing with Fire
By Lucas McKane

People in highly restricted gun areas may feel that they need a little something more than throwing rocks and using mattock handles, tightly bound with PVC tape, to form clubs.

Now, with the usual legal caveat, to not do this at home, and don’t do anything illegal, and don’t blame us if you injure yourself, no liability accepted in any shape or form, and that this is for education purposes only … have a look at homemade flame throwers: Shit, writing the brief disclaimer made me more fuckin’ paranoid than usual, so just to be sure I turned the toaster off this morning, here is the disclaimer from the article, which we too apply: “The contents of this article is for information purposes only. Neither the author nor [the publisher] shall be held liable for the misuse of the information contained herein or for any damage, injury, death or any other negative consequence. We are not advocating that you replicate the steps and the advice offered in this article. Neither the author nor publisher … shall be held liable for any product you create using this article.” Did that nail it? Pretty comprehensive, eh? But law takes the fun out of things.

I have no idea whether this would work, so again, make sure you know what you are doing, if you decide to move beyond considering this as a mere entertainment post. But, if these can be safely made, it would certainly deal with all the post-apocalypse wild animal worries, both four-legged and two. And, you would get to readily eat your enemies, roasted, which cannot be all bad.

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