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Mass Deportations?
They Should be Careful about What They Wish For By Professor X

In the race war news, have a read of this piece of pus from our friends at the warm and cuddly NYT:

Oh … the people who need to be “deported” from their America … you and I. You know, the White Americans whose families fought and died for this country. Only migrants contribute to the new America, it seems. Such is the world view of the new class who have been remaking the world since at least the 1960s:

A satirical piece, NYT may say in their defense, but one expressing the core philosophy of the globalist New World Disorderers. So, let us take it seriously. How about secessionism, dividing the US, so that the elites can live with their mighty migrants in vibrant bliss? You know, the sort of bliss now being seen in other migrant nations, such as the UK.

I hope that thousands more articles like this are produced by the chattering class, for it is clearly drawing lines in the sand. Keep up the good work, NYT and your furry friends.

Here is a brief apocalypse roundup to counter the NYT, based on European mass migration, which is a little further down the multicult diversity rabbit hole than we are here in the US, as unbelievable as that seems.

Each day, scores of horrific rapes are reported by the MSM, which are a drop in the ocean of misery, since most rapes go unreported, out of fear of “racism”: This is now common news.

Sweden has recently seen Muslim migrants attacking police with stones, sticks and bats:, as Muslim migrants have done in Canada: Sweden though, is further down the track than Canada, with police stations simply shutting down in migrant-dominated areas: Hopefully no-one was offended by citing

London has been in the news with the van attack by Darren Osborne, a rare white revenge attack: Tragic, of course. But less publicised are on-going machete, sword and bat battles, which indicate that a state of civil war is starting to break out:;

Even the Queen’s speech, soothing and reconciliatory, has drawn out antifa protests: from those seeking to topple the government.

Peter Brimelow at vDare, has predicted that it will “come to blood,” and now confirms that it “has come to blood”: href=""> The pattern is following familiar lines seen in other civil wars, argues Patrick Cloutier:

We knew it was going to happen, so be good boy scouts and be prepared. But of course you are already. You have been prepared for this your whole life.

Trumpapocalypse Now: The Advent of an American Usurper at the fall of Western Civilization

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