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'By Hue and Crye'
1670-72 The Years in which Blacks and Indians were Barred from Their Previous Privilege of Owning and Trafficking Englishmen

The author's comments are in italics.

October 1670

WHEREAS it hath beene questioned whither Indians or negroes manumited, or otherwise free, could be capable of purchasing christian servants, It is enacted that noe negroe or Indian though baptised and enjoyned their owne ffreedome shall be capable of any such purchase of christians, but yet not debarred from buying any of their owne nation.

This law is clear evidence that 1) Indians and blacks had owned whites up to this point and 2) that they were free citizens often enough to experience success as a landowner, necessitating the ownership of people and current with this statute enjoyed the ownership of humans of their own race and that 3) there had hitherto been no limitations on ownership of people based on racial status, indicating that Virginia had been a total slave matrix up to this point.

September 1672

FORASMUCH as it hath beene manifested to this grand assembly that many negroes have lately beene, and now are out in rebellion in sundry parts of this country, and that noe meanes have yet beene found for the apprehension and suppression of them from whome many mischeifes of very dangerous consequence may arise to the country if either other negroes, Indians or servants should happen to fly forth and joyne with them; for the prevention of which, be it enacted by the governour, councell and burgesses of this grand assembly, and by the authority thereof, that if any negroe, molatto, Indian slave, or servant for life, runaway and shalbe persued by the warrant or hue and crye, it shall and may be lawfull for any person who shall endeavour to take them, upon the resistance of such negroe, molatto, Indian slave, or servant for life, to kill or wound him or them soe resisting; Provided alwayes, and it is the true intent and meaning hereof, that such negroe, molatto, Indian slave, or servant for life, be named and described in the hue and crye which is alsoe to be signed by the master or owner of the said runaway. And if it happen that such negroe, molatto, Indian slave, or servant for life doe dye of any wound in such their resistance received the master or owner of such shall receive satisfaction from the publique for his negroe, molatto, Indian slave, or servant for life, soe killed or dyeing of such wounds; and the person who shall kill or wound by virtue of any such hugh and crye any such soe resisting in manner as aforesaid shall not be questioned for the same, he forthwith giveing notice thereof and returning the hue and crye or warrant to the master or owner of him or them soe killed or wounded or to the next justice of peace....

This evil document was a hunting license to kill escaped slaves of all four races, including the "servant for life" the unfree white person numbering in the thousands in colonial Virginia, who was held in the exact conditions as the sainted negro martyrs of revisionist history, who supposedly suffers this indignity alone. This rebellious situation and its expansion, so dreaded by the drafters of this statute, would continue to worsen and lead to Bacon's Rebellion four years later. The statute also confirms the ruling from 1667 that blacks and mulattos were considered natural born slaves and that whites and Indians were not regarded as destined for servitude from birth.

So Her Master May Have Her Again

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Sam J.June 24, 2017 8:47 PM UTC

I bet you would love the TV series "The Handmaids Tale". In it there's a huge crisis of fertility so the US is overthrown by a bunch of fundamentalist who love solar power and have Handmaids(sex slaves) to bear their children when their wives can't. They gussy the whole thing up in religious garb by claiming it's the same as when Abraham, I think, had his servant bear his kids when Sarah couldn't. They of course kidnap all the Women and children from those not on their side and place them in their homes to screw.

Here's a link to a description of the book which was used to make the series.'s_Tale