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‘No Point Outside the Individual’
Roger Scruton: Moral Relativism Will Be the Death Knell of Western Civilization

I’m not surprised that Hungary hosted this conference on the right in opposition to the vast unsavory being known as Soros, which it coughed up, apparently like a human coughs up some unwanted phlegm. It is also not n that VertigoPolitix is based in Antarctica, the only continent without thought police.

VertigoPolitix is a channel that should be watched by the morally curious and stalwart as well.

“It is obviously a part of human nature to affirm ourself through moral judgements,” is one of Scruton’s basic premises upon which he builds his case in a fashion that can be followed by even the Irish Travelers who are trashing his countryside.

Roger Scruton reminds me much of Will Durant and places human rights in a far more interesting light than is often portrayed, be depicting it as an attempt to construct a moral reference in the absence of God.

My, how could such a self-deification system go wrong?

He does an excellent job of tracking the morphology of freedom-based rights to claim-based rights.

Other videos occupying the slippery slope humanity is on are included below.

The Hunt for Whitey

Recognizing and Surviving the Condition of Anarcho-Tyranny

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