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Harm City, Who?
How Does Baltimore Stack Up for the Murderpentathlon?

You'll probably be interested in this link. B-More not even bronze medal (caveat: I didn't look at the data source and time period).


Okay, S.C., we are fourth over five years, largely on the strength of the last two. There is one thing that is wrong with this information and it is not—as far as I can tell—the information, but the context. I am attaching a link to the article I did sometime back on this. Our herd-like FBI stats do not account for predation on a predatory model but on a bovine one. Look at the table below and you will see that Chicago appears to be among the safest cities in the U.S.! However, if we did a spatial analysis, one would probably find that Chicago is in the top five. We do not perceive violence and threat in terms of a calculation of population density and our unadjusted statistical chances of being randomly killed by largely non-random actors, but in spatial terms. Just like the fighter perceives himself as a target in the combat space, the aware human perceives themselves as an occupant of a living space.

"How dangerous is this space I occupy," asks the human of himself.

I am certain that more bullets fly per square mile in Chicago than in Detroit.

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