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A New Crypto-Blogger Begins His Scroll

A new correspondent, with interests that include urban survival and also primal fantasy is beginning his column today—a good day to scry.

An article on pussycats by a historian, thought you'd enjoy it.

This guy has been writing books on war for decades, I can't get enough of him. One of his themes is that due to various factors, states are going to find it harder to keep a monopoly on violence in the 21st century, and one factor is that a fighting force made up of women and pussycats simply won't fight when the chips are down. And the reason why this is tolerated? Why have a dozen divisions of armor, when with the push of a button you can threaten a nuclear salvo! States just don't feel frightened if they have nukes to guarantee their safety.

Waking Up in Indian Country: Harm City: 2015

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