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The Joy of Head Jobs
By Lucas McKane

The power of the Gods is to destroy one’s enemies from a distance, which today is done by missiles and drones and other toys of death, glorious death. But, the sniper, who must go out in the field, set up his rifle, and hunt man, is still relevant:

News now comes to gladden the heart of all lovers of gun fire, of a Canadian sniper in Afghanistan, taking a head shot on a IS militant from 2 miles, the longest confirmed kill shot in history:

The rifle used was the McMillan Tac-50 sniper rifle, firing the .50 BMG bullet. This is good news for .50 BMG groupies, since the unquestionably superb .338 Lapua Magnum is being groomed to replace this old man round for long-range service in the U. S. military. The .50 still played a fine tune, just as some of us 50s still can, if given a chance, and some IS grunters took home a headless body to mourn over. Who can complain about that; everyone is surely happy?

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