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Relativism has Bad Press
(Just Like Jail Rape) By Professor X

It seems that everyone from the Alt Right, be they our tribe of sociobiological sociopaths, White Nats, or the more conservative bookworm types, hates the philosophical doctrine of relativism. Look, did you read this post: ? I had to put a “?” after the URL because I had an anxiety attack, caused by Obsessive Compulsive Punctuation Disorder.

This is from our site, linking a talk by conservative philosopher Roger Scrutton, who argues that relativism is set to undermine the foundations of Western civilization, just like white ants undermine food-framed houses. Sorry buddy, but it has already happened, and not only have the horses bolted, but they are being roasted by the savages.

Then we have this ripper from Stefan Molyneux discussing the “ugly truth about relativism.” Diversity etc. etc. will lead to Western collapse. Wait, have I hear that line before? Perhaps in a wet dream? Quick, let’s save Western civilization! Is it saved yet? How about now? Oops, forgot about the roasted horse metaphor line above, but no-one will notice, or care, so why should I? See, it’s all forgotten already. What is?

Relativism is the doctrine that there is no objective standard of either truth, rationality, values or morality. Common to all forms of relativism is the idea of sytems-internalism, that knowledge or being is subject to the confines of a framework or worldview. There is no unmediated reality, as even basic perceptions are filtered through cognitive conceptual frameworks. Academics write like that with one hand on their micro-penises or micro-clits.

There are various forms of relativism depending upon how philosophically fuckin’ crazy one is, such as ontological versions, positing actually different worlds existing for different peoples: radical pluralism (here the problem is to show how the relativist could even relatively know this from the relativism prison):

Even though this seems absolutely fuckin’ bullshit to the ordinary man, there are defenses of this idea, ranging from forms of modal realism in logic, to the many worlds view of quantum mechanics. I am an English lit wanker, and I do not have the technical background to say much about this. Hopefully, readers will forgive me, but if you like, here are a few quantum equations to chew on, the first time I think this site has plunged to such sodomized depths of conceptual depravity:

I hope that your orgasm was as intense as mine.

The most common form of relativism today in the academic cesspool though is epistemological, relativism about knowledge and rationality, and this is where the “there is no objective truth” business comes from. English lit and most of the Humanities and Social Sciences are full of this pus, usually in the form of social relativism, rather than individualist relativism, that truth, rationality and knowledge are relative or framework dependent upon one’s society or class. This is where the idea that everything is a social construction comes from, as the Left have placed Sociology, the symbol of Communism, and created by the same happy people, as a new pseudo-absolute. This enables them to deconstruct Traditional culture, such as gender roles, which are all seen as arbitrary, since there is no biological human nature. There is only the new god, “society,” which means, their tribe. Outsiders are just deplorables, or don’t exist, or soon won’t exist, even relatively.

The problem here is that the Left do not carry through their program to the bitter end. Social construction requires the social construction of social construction, and the Left as well, along with other shadowy groups lurking in the background. They too must have their own tribal interests, so the claim of emancipation, viewed from an ultra-strong relativism, is just nonsense, being only a rationalization. The so-called moral superiority of minorities is also an illusion. For example, so-called duties to kiddie refugees, those aged between 18 and 88 (age is relative, because as Uncle Albert told us, time is relative too), cannot exist either, at least for our tribe.

Relativism has an ethical or moral form, namely that there is no objective morality. This differs from moral nihilism which holds that morality does not exist because perhaps of the philosophical “queerness” (their term) of moral predicates, which do not appear to have a real world existence in the same way material objects do: Richard Joyce, The Myth of Morality, (Cambridge University Press, 2001). Many moral or ethical nihilists are not relativists in any form, because relativists still hold that various things exist, only in a relative way. One can also be an ethical or moral relativist without embracing trendy Leftoid Sociology, by simply holding that there is a real objective physical world, but moral values do not objectively exist but are products of society or tribes, and hence are subject to trans-cultural/historical variation, as well as being essentially contested.

Now to the money shot. Those opposing relativism see it as a threat to the Enlightenment values of objective truth and rationality. The West is best, not because the might of military conquest, but because of superior argument. That, of course is catshit. Might has always made right, the ruling ideology is that of those who have won the battle of life. As many of us see it, the Enlightenment ideals are now dead, and Western civilization has ended. It continues to exist due to technological inertia; otherwise it would have collapsed long ago: Wile E. coyote vs gravity is the imagery here:

Further, objective values may have served us in the past, as arguably religions like Christianity may have, but now, such systems have become infected by the mind viruses of the enemy. But, fear not, social and ethical relativism, at present a weapon of the Left, can be used against them, as far as the minor battle of words go. We need now to be free of objective morality to survive the apocalypse.

So, your beliefs make you a racist (i.e. you want a US/Mexico wall). Yes, that is right you cunt. So fuckin’ what? I don’t care a shit. Justify your values! Prove to me that your standards are one’s I should accept. And, here are all of your relativist arguments which I now spit back at you. Watch them dribble off of their slimy faces.

Want to be a neo-Viking barbarian berserker? Relativism gives you exactly that, if you want. I bet that excited the Aussies here with the crazy Viking names, who go for that sort of thing?

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