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Fat Judges
By Fred Beare

The Australian contributors always like to play the game, “our country is more of a shit hole than yours.” An example is the article by William Rapier, “Contempt of Court”:

There he shows that Australian courts are riding over the ideal of free speech. Free speech? What’s that again?

As a patriotic loyal American, I have to rise to the challenge thrown at us by the Aussies, and defend the cesspool nature of our system: we have a bigger, more diseased shithole of a system. Here in America, we do everything bigger and “better”; bigger shits, bigger hits, and bigger judges, some too obese to even do the things that Bill fears: :

“Political deals don’t get any dirtier than this.

Members of the all-Democratic City Council in suburban White Plains rewarded their party’s well-connected chairwoman with a plum six-figure judicial seat — even though she was too sickly to work, critics charge.

City Judge Elizabeth Shollenberger — who suffers from a digestive disorder and morbid obesity, among other ailments — was unable to climb the three steps to her courtroom bench, even with the help of a specially installed railing, sources said.

City Judicial Review Committee member Mark Elliott has publicly accused Mayor Tom Roach of making sure “the fix was in” for the judge, who had been his campaign treasurer.”

If this does not restore our position as the number one nation of decadence, maybe Arnie can help us, as he puts in some politically correct training with the Euro-globalists:

It is hard to believe that this is the same guy:

Could that guy in the film be the product, like Captain America, of a big syringe, containing about a gallon, of frothing, bubbling jungle juice:

Professor X, I hope that you appreciated my use of size metaphors here; maybe you could write a paper about me so I could have my five nanoseconds of fame?

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