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‘Are You a Rightist or a Leftist?’
A Man Question from Jerome

Jerome, politically I am neither Right, Left or Centrist, but an outlier mind and alienated person. I do not have a place on the political continuum.

Culturally, since both ends of the political spectrum want to tell me what to do, I distrust them both.

However, the central position is compromising to such a degree as to amount to moral and spiritual erasure.

Since I engage socially—such as writing—I am not outside the cultural continuum.

Culturally I see the Right and the Left in a race to the bottom of Negation.

On the Right, there has, for about 400 years [let’s say beginning in 1618-48, with the Thirty Years War], been a concerted effort to negate all culture that falls outside of the Judeo-Christian model. The protestant reformation, for instance, was an attempt to purge indigenous European tradition from Christianity and was extended to the deconstruction and eradication of Native American culture, culminating in the Carlisle School for Indian Children in the late 1800s. The Congregationalists of New England saw themselves as the new metaphysical Jews founding a “New Israel in these goings down of the sun,” in reversal of the sins of Jews [in denying Jesus] and Christians [in embracing pagan concepts via Catholicism] and towards the end of eradicating heathens and the uncultivated natural ecology that sustained them, thus returning the world to its proper garden like state of domestication. Implicit in this process is an erosion of masculinity imbedded in the domestication ethos, which some Christian thinkers such as John Eldredge address to varying degrees in such books as Wild at Heart.

On the Left, for about the last 200 years [let’s say the French Revolution, 1795-1815], there has been a concerted effort to negate Christianity and Masculinity, both of which bracket the deeper pagan traditions, one succeeding the other preceding traditional European and Native American cultures. In many ways masculinity is the font of culture, as the rituals for making a man out of a suddenly dangerous youth are among the oldest customs traceable from early modern to stoneage societies.

The combined effect is cultural negation across the board. So, whether it’s some bleeding heart Left-winger hiding out with an Amazon tribe trying to help them preserve their way of life or some Right-wing Christian trying to preserve what decency has been left to him, or a Right-wing paleo-culturalist tying to resurrect ancient European heathenry, I identify with them all, because they are all doing something to preserve human culture in the face of the Thing that seeks to devour our individual and collective identities.

So, Jerome, I would have to say that, since two of the three types of people I identify with are to the Right of lethal compromise and one is to the Left of that same dark pit, I’m in ideological orbit, in poor communication with one human faction and in imperfect communication with the other, as they take turns plying the Devil's knives of negation upon each other's identity in service to Ultimate Nothingness.


I would say that most of Americans are Center, fewer are Left and the least are Right.

Under the God of Things

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Sam J.June 26, 2017 5:58 PM UTC

Left-Right is a very simplistic idea that doesn't really come close to reality. For example I'm a WN but not necessarily in any animus to other races but as a practical system for survival of Whites. I'm a bit Right winged in economics while at the same time I support a whacked out Basic Income or Citizens Dividend. I don't want people dying in the streets or not to have any sort of medical care. I'm pro-capitalism yet deeply against Oligarchical financialization that we have now. I'm pro workers Unions while being against Union ballots where your shop Union guy looks over your shoulder as you vote. I'm pro-Democracy but don't believe Dindus who can't read should vote. This doesn't really fit on the Left-Right chart as some things I'm populist or Left and some I'm far Right. There is a chart that I can fit on. The Pournelle chart. If you're a hard science sci-fi guy you'll probably know who Pournelle is. A good writer and the absolute best editor.