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‘Pretends to be a Seaman’
John Malone, Another Veteran Willing to Brave the High Seas Rather than Slave in Plantation America

September 26, 1765

The Pennsylvania Gazette

RUN away from the Subscriber, living near George Town, in Kent County, Maryland, a Convict Servant Man, named John Malone, about five Feet seven Inches, about 20 Years of Age, born in Ireland, but speaks good English, has a flat crooked Nose, [1] is much pitted with the Small pox, knock kneed, was in the Transport Service last War, pretends to be a Seaman, and it is thought will endeavour to get on board some Vessel in Philadelphia, as he was near being taken at Chester and Schuylkill, on the 23d and 3d Instant but escaped;

the Little Finger on his Left hand grown fast to the next, as far as the Middle Joint. He stole and took with him, a new blue homespun Frock Coat, lined with coarse Sheeting, with long Cuffs to the Elbow, and white Horn Buttons, a white Shirt, and a Check Ditto, Tow Linen Trowsers, Worsted Stockings, old Shoes, and a Felt Hat, also a Kersey Great Coat, and a Hanger or Cutlas, [2] with a Snakeskin over the Scabbard.

Whoever secures said Servant, in any Goal, so as his Master may have him again, shall have Three Pistoles Reward, paid by JOHN SEWELL.

All Masters of Vessels are forbid to carry him off. [3]


1. A classic boxing injury.

2. A hanger is an infantry cutlass with a bar hand guard rather than a cupped knuckle guard.

3. Although the owner claims Malone’s identification of himself as a sailor as a false claim, he believes that masters of sailing vessels might think otherwise, a clear naming of himself as the liar in that dispute as to the trade of the man he has publically judged false.

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