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The Great Rumble Down Under
Aussie Pride Nation Wide By Ivarr the Boner

At long last, fun times in Melbourne, and I was there in person to scream abuse at the antifa:

It all started when patriotic groups, not necessarily Alt Right, organized a protest against attacks on Australia Day and Anzac Day; think your Fourth of July. The Left wants to get rid of these patriotic sacred days, seeing them, like every fuckin’ thing, as “racist.”

So naturally, busloads of antifa arrived on the scene to give a counter-protest. We yelled a lot of abuse at these masked punks, but I did not see any of our “True Blue Crew” hit any antifa. Hundreds of police were out in force. I take my hat off to them, they were superb at keeping the groups apart. They even got weapons off the antifa, and when the commo tempers exploded, about 50 cops unleashed capsicum spray on them. Antifa were rolling in pain, rubbing their eyes and faces and were generally wiped out. We all laughed at them. I supplied funnies, such as, “why not put some fried rice on the capsicum, so refugees can have a meal?,” and other corny stuff, which sounds like shit now, but gave us all a good laugh at the time.

Antifa are now saying that the police were brutal, but this is nonsense, they played it fair and square and true blue. The head cop told us that anyone breaking the law would go down, and our guys respected that and did what the coppers directed. Not so, the antifa who just want to beat up anyone they see as to the Right of them, just like in Europe and your land.

Overall, it was a great day, and I got fish ‘n’ chips later, washed down with really cold beer. Riper, mate.

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