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‘At the 7-11’
A Moment with Two Ladies and a Toddler, Saturday, 6:30 P.M., 6/25/17

I was sitting with Niki and Megan as Emily watched “rillas” on You Tube and looked at me saying, “Uncle” and then showing me how “rillas” danced at the zoo.

Her mother, Niki, then checked a text on her smart phone and declared, “Allen says he just survived a carjacking at the 7-11 at Wise and Lynch, across from the bank. No details, he’s speeding away. Darn, that’s not the best neighborhood, but it is in Civilization, it’s not down in the city, in broad daylight yet! What the hell?”

I began to answer, about to give a paragraph on near-suburban carjacking as a pattern of attack for procuring purge vehicles in the blooming race war targeting deep-suburban crackers. Then we all recognized Emily standing there, her mouth open, looking like Cindy Lou Who having just discovered the Grinch stealing her Christmas tree and I stopped.

On cue, her grandmother, Megan made sure everything made sense, “See, Emily, that’s how rillas dance at the 7-11.”

Niki said with a grin, “Mom!” and Emily and I chuckled at the idea of zoo rillas dancing at the 7-11.

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