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'Yo Dindunuffin!'
Cops in Action and Under Scrutiny with Jeremy Bentham

See bus and police body cam video montage. Like a first person shooter video game. Two-gun mojo too. Dig the extended magazines. Dude was prepared for a fight, that’s for sure.

MTA bus, officers' bodycam video shows police shootout in Dundalk

Prosecutors say Shooting of armed robbery suspect in Dundalk justified

Restraining Dindu—not so much...

Of course the black teen is completely innocent and dindunuffin to provoke such a response from the off-duty cop. On the other hand, with video capable smart phones in people’s hands everywhere what’s really puzzling is why so many white cops feel they need to put on a performance like they were auditioning for ‘Training Day’ when confronting an oppressed offender? Don’t they realize they are being recorded by the dindu’s accomplices standing around aiming their phones at them? Said white cops should undertand by now that it is a common ploy of dindu packs to provoke whites into a loud and angry response and then record it on their smart phone and use said video ‘evidence’ to discredit the white person and at the same time exonerate the dindus from any suspicion of wrong doing. If they can bait the white person into uttering the ‘n-word’ and revealing their inner racist, man they’ve hit the jackpot. Recording a cop using the ‘f-word’ in a boorishly repetitive manner while appearing to throttle an innocent, unarmed oppressed youth is almost as good. The f-word may only be properly used in public by Leftist ‘good-whites’ denouncing God-Emperor Trump and/or other Republican officials, don’t you know?

On top of that the cop is wearing socks with his sandals. All the white SWPL hipsters who see this will go eeeuuuu…

Activists: Fire Lansing police officer seen choking teen in video

Under the God of Things

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