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Getting Scientific
Radio Free Dindustan's Rational Geographic with Jeremy Bentham

So Elon Musk wants to make the trip to Mars more like Carnival Cruise with spacious cabins and plenty of entertainment, rather than a deployment with the Alligator Fleet where you sleep stacked four high with your nose six inches from the ceiling. Can he do it?

Elon Musk wants to create a self-sustainable city on Mars with one million inhabitants

Cool color photographs of the German Army in action during World War II. Enjoy!


Nazis pose with sniper rifles, storm towns in tanks and bury soldiers in swastika-covered flags in incredible colourised World War II pics

The astonishing images were restored in incredible detail by Welsh electrician Royston Leonard

Discovery of a flat, dead galaxy is changing NASA's outlook

NASA previously thought the universe's oldest dead galaxies were ellipticals, but this discovery is evidence of galactic evolution.

Masters of the Universe Update.

“Uh … how is demanding Americans care more about strangers on the opposite side of the world as much as they care about their neighbors in their own communities going to rebuild community in America?”

“The thing to keep in mind about Mark Zuckerberg is that whatever he says that he believes in, he really believes in. But not because it makes sense, but because he has a genius for increasing his wealth. Whatever ideas he pushes on you are ideas that will make him richer if you believe in them too. (Whether Zuck’s ideas will make you and your loved ones better off, though, is hardly his concern.)”

Mark Zuckerberg Explains Why Globalist Billionaires Are Your Moral Betters

A rare mosaic is unearthed in remote Cyprus

Highlights of the chariot races at eleven.

Under the God of Things

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